Up on the roof, down under the fish

An artist friend just yesterday noted that the Huffington Post has done a “green” story http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/09/08/five-fabulous-green-roofs_n_268638.html on building roofs that are planted with all sorts of grasses and gardens. Rockefeller Center here in New York has one that’s pretty traditional — a formally structured set of garden rooms high in the sky. Also mentioned in the article is my favorite, the top of the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Open since October 2008, this extraordinary complex is the natural history museum for our time and replaces the old aquarium in Golden Gate Park, sited just across from the beautiful new DeYoung Museum. When I visited on a weekday in late January, it was packed, still very much a hot ticket for locals as well as tourists.




California Academy of Sciences 1

California Academy of Sciences 2

California Academy of Sciences 3

California Academy of Sciences 4

California Academy of Sciences 5

California Academy of Sciences 6

California Academy of Sciences 7

California Academy of Sciences 8

California Academy of Sciences 9

Shows may come and go, Diana stays

I recently dropped in at the National Academy Museum, on Fifth Avenue at 89th Street, to view “Reconfiguring The Body in American Art 1820-2009.” On view until Nov. 15, it features 160 works grouped by themes and concerns. Self-portraits, portraits, sculptures, etc. I got lots of ideas of things to do with photography from some of the most recent works. Anyway, it’s against the rules to photograph anything in the galleries, but the statue of Diana that graces the rotunda is fair game. I forget who sculpted her, but another casting is in some mansion somewhere being enjoyed by the people who own it. I couldn’t resist. So along with a recommendation that you can see lots of shows elsewhere that don’t equal the one currently up these stairs, you get a peek at Diana.

Diana National Academy 600





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